Clipping & Grooming

Our Clipping Service is a well-being clip for the comfort of your dog.

Clipping is recommended on a regular basis to maintain a healthy, knot free coat.

We offer summer and winter clips for your dog.

A full clip includes the body, head, face, feet and hygiene area with prices starting at $80.00

A 'Tidy' includes trim around face/eyes, feet and hygiene area with prices starting at $60.00

Both prices include our deluxe wash. (Prices are based on size, breed and coat condition).


We also offer a deshedding service. We use a deshedding shampoo that has been formulated to help release the undercoat and assist in the de-moulting process. It contains natural essential oils to stimulate follicles to release hair while moisturising and hydrating the skin. Has a lovely fresh lily and pomegranate fragrance.