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Paddle pups is an independently owned and operated Mobile dog washing and grooming service in the Newcastle Area!

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Opening Hours

Mon: 8am - 5pm
Tue: 8am - 5pm
Wed: 8am - 5pm
Thu: 8am - 5pm
Fri: 8am - 5pm

Dog Washing, Grooming and Clipping

Hydro Wash

Your dog will love our Mobile Dog Washing, Grooming & Clipping service. You have the benefit of us coming to your home at a day and time that suits at a very affordable price. At Paddle Pups we specialise in small, medium and large breeds which includes using appropriate shampoos for different skin types. Wash prices start from $50.00. Prices are based on size, breed & coat condition.

Your dog will enjoy our deluxe washing service that includes:
Warm fresh water hydro-bath using gentle shampoo & conditioning rinse.
Chamois dry using the best drying & antibacterial product on the market.
Brush before & after wash including thorough hair removal if needed.
Nail clip & trimming of the hair around the feet if needed.
General ear & eye clean.
Full blow dry leaving your dog dry every time.
Deodorants are alcohol free & condition the coat.

The warm hydro-bath system gives the skin & coat a thorough cleanse and at the same time is gentle and therapeutic for your dog. The hydro-bath is water efficient and our products are environmentally friendly.

Fleas are often the cause of skin issues, as many dogs suffer from' flea allergy'. We use an effective yet gentle flea shampoo to kill fleas and relieve itchy skin. An effective treatment like comfortis or nexgard will control fleas.

Products used are by Petway Petcare.


Clipping & Grooming

Our Clipping Service is a well-being clip for the comfort of your dog.

Clipping is recommended on a regular basis to maintain a healthy, knot free coat.

We offer summer and winter clips for your dog.

A full clip includes the body, head, face, feet and hygiene area with prices starting at $80.00

A 'Tidy' includes trim around face/eyes, feet and hygiene area with prices starting at $60.00

Both prices include our deluxe wash. (Prices are based on size, breed and coat condition).


We also offer a deshedding service. We use a deshedding shampoo that has been formulated to help release the undercoat and assist in the de-moulting process. It contains natural essential oils to stimulate follicles to release hair while moisturising and hydrating the skin. Has a lovely fresh lily and pomegranate fragrance.



Nail clipping & trimming of the hair around the feet if needed.

Ear cleaning.

You will have peace of mind knowing I have a genuine love of dogs, grooming experience & carry Pet Beautician Liability Risk Insurance and Public Liability Insurance. I use the latest equipment and products currently in the market place.